sheilabrandise (sheilabrandise) wrote in kradamsearch,

Looking for two Kradam fics

I am looking for two Kradam fics that I can't find. I thought that I had these saved but with several computer crashes I can't find them on my drives. If someone knows of them or has them I would be grateful.

1. Adam and Kris meet when someone is trying to kill Adam. Kris saves Adam and Adam is indebted to Kris. Adam and Kris have to flee from the people that are trying to kill Adam. When Kris and Adam make it to safety. Kris finds that Adam is an elven prince. They end up falling in love. Adam's family is against any relationship between the two. Kris finds out that Adam is engaged to another Elf. His family wants Adam to return to their world. In the end Kris and Adam get to live together during Kris' lifetime. I had this from Archives of our Own.

2. The second involves Adam being engaged. Brad throws an engagement party for Adam. During the party it turns out that Kris knows more about Adam than who he is marrying when playing party games. Kris believes it is too late for him and Adam. In the end Kris and Adam get together. I can't remember if I found this on LiveJournal or Kradamadness.

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